Rob Lowe Rob Lowe

When most people think of Rob Lowe, words like "ugly" and "creepy" don't really come to mind. But that's exactly what DirecTV wants you to think in this new ad campaign starring the former Parks and Recreation star.

In the ads, Rob Lowe introduces himself as a DirecTV subscriber. Pretty standard stuff, right? Well things get ugly and creepy pretty quickly when alternate versions of Rob Lowe, one "less attractive" and one "super creepy," come out and announce that they're cable television subscribers. Less Attractive Rob Lowe has a beer belly and some scary cut-off jean shorts, and Super Creepy Rob Lowe sports a goatee and gives uncomfortable back rubs.

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Watch them both below and decide which Rob Lowe is the grossest.

Back in April, Lowe stated in an interview that there was a bias against good-looking people such as himself. He said that meaningful roles were tough to come by for attractive actors because good-looking people "can't be in pain or they can't have rough lives." Maybe these commercials were just what he was looking for.

When Lowe isn't at the rec center watching you swim, he's playing a murdered millionaire in Lifetime's upcoming movie Beautiful and Twisted.

What do you think of the ads?