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Who's the Baby Daddy? Who Needs Surgery? 5 Spoilers for Rizzoli & Isles' Winter Premiere

Rizzoli & Isles... and baby?Last we saw Jane (Angie Harmon) and Maura (Sasha Alexander), Lydia (Alexandra Holden) — aka the ex-girlfriend of both Jane's dad Frank (Chazz Palmintieri) and her brother Tommy (Colin Egglesfield) — had left her newborn son on Maura's doorstep. This, of course, was moments ...

Joyce Eng

Rizzoli & Isles... and baby?
Last we saw Jane (Angie Harmon) and Maura (Sasha Alexander), Lydia (Alexandra Holden) — aka the ex-girlfriend of both Jane's dad Frank (Chazz Palmintieri) and her brother Tommy (Colin Egglesfield) — had left her newborn son on Maura's doorstep. This, of course, was moments after Maura was nearly killed and stuffed inside a statue by cuckoo Dennis (Eddie Cibrian). Who's the father of Lydia's baby? Has Maura recovered from her brush with death? Get the scoop from Alexander on what to expect when the final five episodes of Season 3 premieres Tuesday (9/8c, TNT).

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1. Who's the father? Frank or Tommy? A paternity test will be done in the midseason premiere, at the hands of Maura, so the question will finally be put to bed. In the interim, Rizzoli & Isles & Co. take in the infant, nicknamed T.J. for Tommy Jr. — and Jane's got babies on the brain. "There's this moment where Jane is considering taking care of this baby and Maura's the reality check of, 'Really? You really think you can do that?' Alexander tells TVGuide.com. "She has to knock some sense into her. They both are not in relationships that have offered them the opportunity in their lives yet to turn that corner. The reality of working the jobs that they do and raising a child alone is extremely difficult. That doesn't meant they won't do it at some point."2. Single and ready to mingle: But where are the dudes? As previously reported, Maura won't see any action for the rest of Season 3, much to Alexander's chagrin. "There is no lovin' going on! I wish! I think Maura wishes too," she says. "Time has passed and ... I don't think she's going to dwell on [Dennis] or it's going to hold her back from going on a date, but it was pretty frightening. I told Janet [Tamaro, the showrunner] that I hope Season 4 will have a lot of cuties. We've both been unlucky this season." But that won't be the case for others. Korsak (Bruce McGill) will reunite with one of his ex-wives (though it's case-related), and Angela (Lorraine Bracco) starts a fling on the down low with the last person Jane expects.

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3. Bad news: Jane's paralyzed ex Lt. Col. Casey Jones (Chris Vance) returns in the final two episodes and reveals to Jane that he needs spinal surgery. "Jane is grappling with that. He has to make some decisions about whether to do surgery or not because it's so risky," Alexander says. "Is it worth it?"4. Mommy issues: That's not the only medical emergency. Maura's estranged biological mother Hope (Sharon Lawrence) will be back in the finale — this time with her tail in between her legs as she tries to apologize to Maura for dismissing her as her daughter and to ask Maura for a kidney donation for her dying 18-year-old daughter Kayleen. "It's a great scene because Maura does something un-Maura-like: She just says what she feels to Hope," Alexander says. "It's a breakthrough for her because she's just not being polite about it and really showing Hope how she feels, and then allowing her to determine whether she's going to help her or not. It won't be resolved yet. ... It's just interesting to me because I feel like whether you know your mom growing up or not, there does come a point as an adult where you have to discover who your mother is. Is she somebody who could be a friend of yours? Or is this a woman who do I don't relate to at all and I don't have anything in common with? And we're seeing Hope also having to unravel this past. It's uncomfortable and complicated."5. Finale buildup: Unlike last season's rift-inducing cliff-hanger, this year's closer will find Jane and Maura coming together after a building collapses with family and colleagues inside. "I think it's a nice contrast to last year's [finale]," Alexander says. "They're in this thing together." Although it's technically just Jane's job to go inside the wreckage, Maura insists on following her. "She doesn't want her friend to do it alone. There's a wonderful moment at the very, very end where you see these two women who are so different and yet they have this wonderful connection. I think the season ends beautifully between both of them."Rizzoli & Isles airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on TNT. Watch an exclusive sneak peek of the premiere below.