Now that Riverdale revealed who killed Jason Blossom, fans can focus on what really matters: Bughead.

With the return of the CW drama just around the corner (Wednesday, Oct. 11), viewers are more excited than ever to see what's next for everyone's favorite odd couple, Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart) and Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse) — something Lili Reinhart knows quite well.

"People are obsessed," she told W Magazine.

Not one to deny the people what they want, Reinhart went one to share some interesting teases about a few "heart-wrenching" moments between the pair to come. "[There] are some really beautiful moments between them, but also really intense," Reinhart explained. "Season 2 is kind of heart-wrenching. Betty is going through a traumatic situation, and your heart goes out to her, but you also see some new sides to her, which I'm super excited about. Season 2 definitely opens a door to showing different sides to all the characters, and it is really beautiful to watch."

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Riverdale fans' obsession with Bughead is only further fueled by the rumors that Sprouse and Reinhart are dating in real life, which the stars have neither officially confirmed nor denied. But if the actors are dating, it wasn't exactly love at first sight, according to Reinhart.

While reflecting upon meeting her Riverdale co-stars for the first time, Reinhart told the magazine: "It's funny, I don't really remember having an opinion on Cole, to be honest. Of course, I had grown up watching [The Suite Life] but I wasn't really starstruck. He just seemed like this really attractive, normal guy."

Riverdale returns Wednesday, Oct. 11 at 9/8c on the CW.

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