Question: At the risk of angering the Gilmore Girls masses, I like Christopher. Is he actually going to get his chance with Lorelai this time around?

Answer: Cover your eyes, L/L fans. (Yes, he is.) David Sutcliffe was very cagey about the rekindling of Lorelai-Christopher, but I did manage to get him to confirm rumors that they'll be jetting off to Paris for a romantic rendezvous during November sweeps. But, unfortunately for Sutcliffe, they won't be going to the real Paris. He says there was a "30-second conversation" about doing a location shoot in France, but saner (i.e., budget-conscious) minds prevailed, and now "Paris is on the backlot of Universal." BTW, Sutcliffe's no dummy: He knows the majority of Gilmore fans loathe his character. "It's a 70/30 split," he ventures. "I do have my fans, but I have my detractors as well."