Let the games begin!

The Rio Olympics officially kicked off Friday with a fun yet serious opening ceremony — helmed by Brazilian director Fernando Meireilles (City of God) — that captured the country's famed samba-filled carnvial vibe without shying away from its past. Oh, and there was Gisele. Duh.

Here are the best images from the night.

1. Pretty colors.

2. The ceremony acknowledged Brazil's history of slavery in a moving sequence with performers turning large wheels.

3. Rock on.

4. Attack of the giant spiders.

5. The Arabs and the Orient segment featured red banners to represent the Japanese immigrants who started arriving in Brazil in the early 1900s.

6. Faces from so many places.

7. Excellent sartorial choice, Canada.

8. Gisele will walk 500 miles (or however long the Maracana Stadium is) to "The Girl from Ipanema."


10. Baby, you're a firework.

11. No comment necessary.

12. Ngl, the cauldron is pretty cool.