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On Tuesday's Late Show with David Letterman, Ricky Gervais discussed his controversial turn hosting this year's Golden Globes. David Letterman was an outspoken Gervais supporter in the wake of the minor furor resulting from his hosting gig, and that support proved unwavering. While going through a list of Gervais' jokes (starting at the 5:30 point in the video below), Gervais verbalized an important point: "These people are the most privileged, richest people in the world. If you can't joke about them, what can you make a joke about?" This was implicit in his ribbing (it's also pretty much the point of the Internet), and yet so many people missed it. Sometimes no amount of obviousness is enough, but hopefully this will be, at last.

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Watch Gervais and Letterman discuss the Globes below:

[Via Gawker]