Tracy Spiridakos Tracy Spiridakos

Apparently, when Eric Kripke said that Revolution would "come back with a bang," he wasn't joking. NBC released the first minute of Revolution's next episode (March 25 at 10/9c) and it appears as though our gang's escape plan goes up in smoke — literally!

7 Reasons to be excited about Revolution's return

The episode picks up exactly where the series left off: with Monroe's helicopter hot on Charlie & Co.'s tails. But after Miles leads them into an old diner for shelter, the copter's surprisingly skilled pilot (who knew that even after 15 years, flying a helicopter was like riding a bike?) doesn't hesitate to blow up the group's apparent safe haven.Could the previously reported major death really come so soon? And if so, who do you think bites the dust?Share you theories in the comments!