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There was no second week letdown for Revolution Monday night. The second episode, "Chained Heat," was a shocking, action-filled hour, ending with a twist to keep us talking and guessing until next week. Until then, here are our six burning questions. [Spoilers ahead]

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Is Neville really that nefarious? Unlike the good guys on the series, Neville isn't afraid to make the tough decisions. Are they always the right ones? He thinks so, at least. As Neville explains it, he and the militia are "the one thing between [society] and total anarchy." Danny might not be buying it, but I truly think that underneath all that leather and gunslinging, Neville has fairly good intentions. I believe even Danny might come around eventual and see the human side of the captain. Do I sense a budding bromance in the future?

2. Was it right for Aaron to show Maggie the flash drive? Before Ben died, he knew Maggie very well — both literally and biblically — yet he refrained from ever mentioning the drive to the doc. Did it ever occur to Aaron that there was a reason for this oversight? Personally, I don't trust the woman or her motives for tagging along with Charlie. Do you?

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Is it a coincidence that the Mathesons were robbed by the future militia soldier? Doubtful. Though I'm having a hard time coming up with theories as to the connection. Maybe being shot by a rebel leader's wife turned him against the cause? Maybe the militia traded him life-saving healthcare in turn for his service? Either way, Revolution seems to be weaving a complex and unexpected web of relationships I can't wait to dissect. (Though I might have to keep aspirin nearby if the show keeps adding any more layers. I'm getting a headache already.)

4. How many of you just ordered prints of your favorite family photos? After Aaron questions Maggie about why she still totes around an iPhone, the doctor confesses that it contains the only photos of her children — a terrifying truth most of us would face if the power were to go off. So who here joined me in ordering at least a couple 4x6s? Better safe than sorry!

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Who is Randall? Although he wears the same flash drive-turned-generator that Aaron and Grace carry, the mysterious Randall doesn't seem to use his device for good. Instead, he prefers tasers. So who is he, beyond a frightening glimpse of the Bass' anticipated future? If the general succeeds in gaining sole access to electricity, the entire world would be just as helpless as Grace.

6. And of course: Rachel's alive?! C'mon, guys. You knew geek goddess Elizabeth Mitchell would never be hired to play a character who only sporadically appears in flashbacks. Rachel's alive — and living with the enemy! Say it ain't so! Then again, as we saw when she pulled the trigger on the future soldier, Rachel might not be as sweet as she seems. So what exactly led her to live with the militia (though it appears she might be more hostage than houseguest)?

According to Mitchell, we'll have to wait until Episode 6 to learn exactly why Rachel abandoned her family. However, she did give some hints. "I feel like if you kind of let your imagination go to what would happen to a devoted mother of two kids — invested, protective — what would take her away from her kids? And you can usually come up with exactly the right answer," the actress told TVGuide.com.

So did Rachel sacrifice herself for the good of her family? More importantly, knowing now that her husband's dead and son's in custody, will she sell out the rebellion to save Danny?

What did you think of "Chained Heat"? And whose side do you think Rachel's on?