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Nothing like a punch in the face to start an episode off right and that's exactly what Revolution's "Kashmir" did. The Led Zeppelin-infused episode blurred the line between fantasy and reality, in ways that twisted our heads in all the right ways. So what is real? Find out this and six other burning questions from Episode 9. [Spoilers ahead]

Revolution's Billy Burke and Daniella Alonso on Monday's Big Twists, Meeting Monroe and More

Enemies of my enemies
Former militia founder Miles (Billy Burke) forms a surprising alliance with the rebels he so despises in order to trade Danny's (Graham Rogers) rescue for Monroe (David Lyons). But now that the pieces are falling into place, Miles begins to crack under the pressure. The typically stone-cold leader begins questioning whether they'll be able to survive the mission — especially if it requires putting in any face time with his former bestie.

Pendants, revealed! Thank god for verbal exposition. On Captain Neville's (Giancarlo Esposito) behalf, Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) finally explained the limits and abilities of the pendants. Though it would have been nice if the information was integrated a bit more seamlessly, at this point in the season I barely care how I get answers as long as I get some (because the questions keep piling up!). Now about Randall....

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I didn't inhale
Things go from bad to worse to downright deadly. After Charlie goes and mucks it all up by stepping on a mine and needing to be saved (typical), the tunnel the gang's creeping through gets sealed off. As their torches begin burning up the remainder of the oxygen, the gang starts hallucinating a range of the unimaginable, from alligators to a happy Monroe. While not the most realistic of conundrums (I figured with all the Zep rocking this episode some psychadelics might be involved), it was a fascinating glimpse inside each character's psyche. Though, I have to admit seeing Aaron run away from his wife was pretty heartbreaking.

Failed assassin As we previously reported, Miles' current mission isn't his first betrayal of General Monroe. Charlie's (Tracy Spiridakos) uncle attempted to assassinate his bosom buddy once before. Though few details were revealed about their past together, none of that mattered when Miles and Monroe were reunited at last (at least in Miles' head).And while it's off-putting enough seeing the tough-as-nails Matheson display any emotion, it was downright disturbing to see Miles expose his greatest fear: returning to the militia and the man he once was. Do you think Miles would ever betray Charlie?

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Militia in sheep's clothing
Right when the gang thinks they're saved,  Miles' new rebel friend turns out to be no friend at all. The undercover militia soldier slays his way through the crew until Charlie finally proves her worth by shooting the bearded Benedict right in the chest.

To live or not to live Miles' rescue looked to add a very surprising casualty: Charlie! As our heroine lay dying, Miles leaned over his niece begging her to open her eyes. It was then I was struck by a tough question: Do I even want Charlie to live? The plucky protagonist has divided fans, but though her constant whining can go far beyond wearisome, she's the one ray of light and innocence in the dark drama. In the end, Charlie wakes up, and my relief was immediately followed by a doubt when she makes a joke worthy of a Laffy Taffy wrapper. Get it together, girl! Don't make us regret wishing you well.

True colors After we had begun to lose faith in Rachel's moral compass, our belief in the Matheson matriarch was finally restored — but at quite the price. Instead of building an amplifier for the pendant as promised, it turns out Rachel was building a time bomb to murder her captor. But after Bass discovers her betrayal, he promises it's the end of the road for her and her son. Fortunately, Rachel, quick and ruthless as ever, doesn't hesitate before murdering her former colleague (and the only other person with the knowledge to build Monroe's amplifier). That moment easily solidified Rachel as my favorite character on the show in addition to one of my favorite moments in the series so far.

What was your favorite moment from "Kashmir"?