Gabriel Mann and Emily VanCamp Gabriel Mann and Emily VanCamp

Murder, blackmail, drug use, infidelity, theft — the first season of Revenge has had it all. But will the primetime soap be able to up the ante for season finale (Wednesday at 10/9c on ABC)? For star Josh Bowman, that's a silly question.

"There's death, there's possible breakups. Everything is tested — every relationship and character," Bowman tells "There are about four episodes crammed into one. It's amazing."

So what else is in store for Emily (Emily VanCamp), the Graysons and their friends, enemies and frenemies during the freshman soap's final hurrah? Find out below:

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1. Emily is prepared to kill for what she wants. She's had red Sharpie on her fingers all season, but will Emily take her revenge to the next stage and get some blood on her hands? (Perhaps the blood of the White-Haired Man?) "It's a big possibility. She's certainly prepared for it, but nothing ever goes as planned on Revenge," VanCamp says. "She's had some great moments with Jack and has had a lot of thinking to do. There's some epic decisions being made, but so many things come in and change the course of things in the finale. ... She'll find some resolve and then it all falls a part in front of her."

Emily sure looks poised to kill in this sneak peek from the season finale:

2. Is this the end for Emily and Daniel? After sharing a tough loss — R.I.P. Sammy! — Emily and Jack shared a long-awaited kiss that had fans cheering and nosy Ashley plotting. Will she tell Daniel what happened? Or will Emily do the honors? "Daniel is pretty broken by the end of it," Bowman says. But no matter what happens between the two, Bowman is doubtful that Daniel will be completely clued in anytime in the near future. "If Daniel figures out what this situation is, then what?" he says. "I don't think Daniel will ever find out until whatever season we go up to."

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3. Will Jack find out the truth about Emily? No offense to the cute pooch, but why else would Emily be so broken up about Sammy's death unless she was the real Amanda? Jack's got to put two and two together eventually, right? "We keep getting right up to it, and we flirt with the idea ... and he never quite finds it out," Nick Wechsler says. "But watch that finale because maybe he finds out. I definitely want that to happen. That would open a lot of doors for a whole lot of other drama."

4. Daniel hasn't crossed the point of no return. Daniel is now well aware of his parents' many bad deeds, but has he crossed a line he can't come back from? "This is Revenge, everyone can come back from something, especially with my side of the family," Bowman says. "There's money involved, there's bribery, there's deceit, there's lies. Everyone can buy their way out of something or lie their way out of something. There's going to be so many twists and turns throughout the whole series. I've gone from good to the dark side, Charlotte's gone from good to being an addict. There will be other villains coming in and out of the show, I'm sure."

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5. Who is the former Mrs. Clarke? Everybody knows it takes a daddy and a mommy to make a baby, so why did it take almost 20 episodes for Emily's mom to even be mentioned? "That's a Mike Kelley question," VanCamp says, referring to the show's creator. "I can't answer it. I don't want to say too much." Because this is Revenge, we're going to assume that non-answer indicates there's something else going on — but what?

6. It's going to be a long summer. Just like his character, Conrad, Henry Czerny is very good at keeping secrets, but he promises the finale won't disappoint. "As intriguing and shocking as the pilot was... the final episode in Season 1 will give you that kind of satisfaction and frustration and curiosity times 20."

(With reporting by Natalie Abrams)