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Remember when Revenge was actually about Emily Thorne avenging her father's death and wrongful life sentence?

When the ABC series premiered last fall, viewers found their new guilty pleasure in watching the soapy, addictive drama that starred Emily VanCamp as an abandoned juvie alum-turned-fearless woman determined to stop at nothing to prove that her father David was not responsible for taking down Flight 197. Although Emily got caught up in a love triangle with Daniel (Josh Bowman) and Jack (Nick Wecshler) along the way, the show rarely veered from its main mission — and that red pen. But has Season 2 lost its way? With its complicated and confusing arcs, the addition of two main characters who aren't very likable  — Aidan (Barry Sloane) and Kara (Jennifer Jason Leigh) — and a lack of action and actual vengeance, it seems like Revenge could use some help returning to its freshman season glory.

Here are five ways we want to fix Revenge:

1. Bring back the revengenda
When was the last time Emily sat down with that Grayson Global retreat photo and mapped out a way she was going to eliminate each person involved? She may still be targeting Grayson Global, but we have no idea what her roadmap is anymore and how far she's going to stray from or adhere to it.

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2. More Emily and Nolan plotting
We miss the reliance these two had on each other, and while Nolan isn't lacking one-liners (or a colorful wardrobe) this season, the scenes between the two are now used to provide comic relief in the hour. An "Ems" every so often isn't enough. Let's get these two back in front of the computer figuring out what Emily's next move is and how Nolan can aid her.

3. Get rid of Aidan
Does anyone actually like this guy? We understand the need for someone to shed light on Emily's post-lockup training with Takeda, but there's nothing charming or likeable about him. Plus: We've yet to see his purpose for being in town (except to kill the White-Haired Man.

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4. Give Daniel a backbone
Whose side is he really on? Does he have any opinions or convictions of his own? It's always hard to tell when one day he's supporting dad and he switches to Team Victoria the next. Maybe if he actually took a stand on something — anything — we'd finally respect the guy. (Don't even get us started on him and Ashley.)

5. Relegate the bar to the background (and have Declan go with it)
Can't The Stowaway just remain a signature set like Central Perk or The Peach Pit? Since Declan (Connor Paolo) and Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) broke up, the show has struggled to integrate the blue-collar teen into story lines and has instead concocted a bizarre arc in which Declan gets caught stealing from Kenny (JR Bourne). But rather than pressing charges, the uber-shady Kenny bails the bar out, which means Jack and Dec are indebted to him for life. Um, what?! If this keeps up, we hope Declan is the mysterious dead body underwater.

What do you think of Revenge this season?