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10 Revenge Burning Questions: Does Daniel Suspect Emily? Where the Heck Is Amanda?

Revenge is a stony — and as it turns out, mighty windy — path. It's been almost two whole months since viewers last followed Emily Thorne and her elaborate reveng-enda. Since our last visit to Southampton, Daniel has been thrown in jail for ...

Kate Stanhope

Revengeis a stony — and as it turns out, mighty windy — path. It's been almost two whole months since viewers last followed Emily Thorne and her elaborate reveng-enda. Since our last visit to Southampton, Daniel has been thrown in jail for murdering Tyler, Victoria and Conrad are divorced but back under the same roof, Ashley is showing her true colors — two-faced villain looks really good on her, no? — and Charlotte has developed quite an unflattering drug habit.
But before we can even start to guess what's next, it's time to look back at where the ABC drama left off and the biggest burning questions in need of answers.
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1. Does Daniel suspect Emily?
It remains to be seen if he still trusts his fiancée after Tyler's show-and-tell of the Grayson Global group photo that Emily used to keep track of her victims. (Note to future vengeance-fueled folk: Next time maybe come up with something less obvious than drawing a red "X" on people's faces). Daniel seemed to take Emily's side when he first asked her about the hole in her floorboards, but even so, there must be something nagging at him that Tyler knew about the secret hiding place to begin with. To add insult to injury, Daniel was already suspicious of Emily when — just as mommy Grayson predicted — she refused to run away to Paris with him. It doesn't help that Daniel's going to have a lot of time to think while holed up in his maximum security cell at Riker's.
2. Where is the real Emily Thorne?  Amanda was last seen running from the crime scene ... and into Takeda's car. So did Emily's old teacher squash the annoying distraction like a bug as he did with Tyler? Or is he training her to be Emily 2.0 now that Miss Thorne is distracted and has let her ultimate goal hit a few speed bumps. No matter where in the world is she is, we don't think she'll be gone for too long. As Nolan put it so eloquently, when everyone wants Amanda to go away "girlfriend keeps popping up like the homicidal stripper version of a Whack-a-Mole." So who's ready to play?
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3. Does Amanda trust Emily?
Before he died, Tyler did quite a bit of damage, including ratting out to Amanda that Emily blackmailed her for burning down Mason Treadwell's house. Amanda was easily swayed once, so will she come back still a devoted soldier in Emily's army (she did give her $500,000 and Jack told Amanda that Emily wanted them together) or will Amanda turn against her?
4. Speaking of, where is Takeda? It would nice to know where he is since a) he was the one who really killed Tyler b) he knows where Amanda is and c) he seems to really want to take Daniel down. But is it really just because Emily's feelings for Daniel are distracting her from her master plan or is there some other motivation?
5. How deep do Nolan's allegiances to Takeda lie? Color us paranoid, but knowing Nolan went behind Emily's back to disable the security cameras at the Fire & Ice Ball simply because Takeda, some guy he barely knows, asked him to, is a little fishy. Also, Nolan didn't think twice before jumping into bed with Tyler so what does that say about his judgment, and his commitment to protect Emily.
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6. How much damage is Ashley capable of?
This working girl has pretty much signed her life away to the Graysons, but few knew how far she was really willing to go to make a name for herself until Nolan discovered she was the one to leak the photos of Daniel at the crime scene on the beach.  She also admitted to the Graysons' big city lawyer that she thought Daniel was the killer, so what's her prerogative? And what other damage has she possibly already done?
7. Will Charlotte keep her promise to Grandpa Grayson? Or will she accidentally — or maybe even purposefully — let it slip to someone outside the inner Grayson circle that David Clarke is her real father? Now that she's popping those prescription pills like there's no tomorrow, it's hard to tell what she'll do next.
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8. What happened to Jack's bloody sweatshirt?
Declan pledged to start taking care of his older brother, but it's unclear exactly what he did with the evidence. If that piece of apparel gets in the wrong hands, it now has both Porter brothers' fingerprints on it.
9. More importantly, what happened to Emily's revenge box? Emily showed Daniel a box in the floorboard, but it sure didn't look like the box. She buried it in the sand the night of the engagement party, but like so many secrets in Southampton, things tend to not stay buried for long. Could someone have stumbled on it? Or did someone possibly see her bury it and take it? Like maybe ... Takeda?
10. Who is Emily's mom? Almost nothing has been said about the former Mrs. David Clarke. On a show where everyone's dirty laundry has a way of coming out, it has to only be a matter of time before something juicy is revealed about Emily's biological mother, and perhaps why viewers have heard or seen didly squat about her thus far.
Revenge airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on ABC.