Question: I haven't heard anything about Rescue Me in months. Got any news?

Answer: I do! The Chief is alive and well and appearing on Criminal Minds! Jack McGee will turn up in the season finale as a gruff New York cop who butts heads with a Scotland Yard profiler (Love Actually's Sienna Guillory), both of whom are working with the FBI on a case. I'm told McGee and Guillory will return next season for at least one additional episode. Minds' season finale also features a guest turn by the super-talented Erik Palladino (Over There). And, yes, I realize that, technically, none of this qualifies as Rescue Me scoop. But guess what? This next batch does: According to an RM insider, memories of 9/11 will loom larger than usual next season when a reporter working on a book about the 10th anniversary of the attacks interviews Tommy and the gang about their experiences that day. The character is described as beautiful and French, and is expected to recur during the first part of the season (at least). In other words, Tommy will be banging making love to her by the second episode.