Katherine Heigl Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl's Izzie will still be with us when Grey's Anatomy launches its sixth season on Sept. 24.

In a somewhat unexpected development, sources told the Hollywood Reporter that Heigl's option on the hit medical drama has been picked up, meaning she will be needed back this fall.

Neither Heigl's rep nor a spokesperson for the ABC series would comment for TVGuide.com on her status with the show.

For almost a year now — ever since Heigl publicly sounded off on her lack of Emmy-worthy material — there have been loud rumblings that, especially with her film career heating up, the actress would beg out of her contract, which still has three years left on it.

That said, Heigl professed earlier this spring that should Grey's boss Shonda Rhimes need her around, "I'm there."

Cast mate T.R. Knight fell into a similar situation as Heigl's, but as TVGuide.com reported Wednesday, he had his wish for an early release granted. As such, George — who was critically mangled in a season-finale bus accident — likely will be revealed to have not survived.

Cancer-fighting Izzie, however, just may be alive and kicking. Sorry, Denny.