<I>The Big Bang Theory</i> The Big Bang Theory

CBS has renewed two hit comedy series for multiple seasons in one fell swoop.

The deal with Warner Bros. TV renews the tube's top-rated comedy, Two and a Half Men, through the 2011-2012 season, while Leonard & Co. will be geeking out for us at least through May 2011.

"Our collaboration with Warner Bros. and Chuck Lorre for these two series has led to great entertainment for television audiences and has been very good business for CBS," said CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler.  "With these shows firmly in place, CBS is well-positioned for more comedy success in the years ahead."

Added Warner Bros. TV boss Peter Roth, "We are extremely grateful to and appreciative of CBS for the support and long-term commitment they have made to both of these remarkable series with their well-deserved, multi-year pickups."                                                                                                             

Now in its sixth season, Two and a Half Men averages 15 million total viewers. The Big Bangers, having surged with their sophomore cycle, are pulling about 10 mil weekly.