Should someone have spent a bit less time in rehab text-messaging GQ and a little more time paying attention? The U.K.'s News of the World tabloid has published stills taken from a video that allegedly shows Lindsay Lohan riding the white-line highway in the bathroom stall of an L.A. hot spot. "Lohan pulls a small bag of white powder from her jeans pocket... dips her finger in and shoves the substance up one friend's nose before snorting some up her own," reports the tab.

According to Us, the incriminating-if-true vid was leaked by a friend who is concerned that La Lohan is on the road to ruin. Per the New York Daily News, Lohan's lawyers are demanding that the U.K. paper come forth with the alleged tape, though the actress' reps have yet to comment to any outlet on the supposed misbehavior.