In case you nodded off the first time we told you, we'll repeat ourselves: Not only is American Dreams the rare family drama that you can actually watch with your family, but the 1960s-set sleeper hit is the only show on TV that leads you onto the dance floor by tugging at your heartstrings. Now you have no excuse not to tune in, either: Beginning Sunday, Aug. 3, NBC is replaying pivotal episodes from the first season, during which high school hoofers Meg Pryor (Brittany Snow) and Roxanne Bojarksi (Vanessa Lengies) tried out for American Bandstand.

Besides, if you don't get acquainted with the golden girls this summer — and trust us, to know them is to love them — you won't have any idea how funny executive producer Jonathan Prince's plans really are for boisterous, boy-crazy Roxanne. "I think what we want to do with her," he reveals to TV Guide Online, "is what most teenagers [of that bygone era] did, which is give her an after-school job."

Hopeful romantics ought to make it a point to set their VCRs as well. Although Prince isn't quite ready to pair up Roxanne with a steady beau the way he has Meg and bespectacled dreamboat Luke (Jamie Elman), when Cupid finally gets the lovelorn adolescent in his crosshairs, he's sure to hit a bull's eye. "You hope for Roxanne to have somebody great," Prince suggests. "She deserves a really cool guy." And how. In the meantime, expect the male population of Philadelphia to turn Rox's head with such regularity that she's sure to get dizzy.