Long before Ryan Gosling won a shiny statuette at the 74th Golden Globe Awards for Best Actor in Musical or Comedy for La La Land, he was a winner in our eyes.

Besides being an undisputedly A-list triple threat, the former Mickey Mouse Club member by all reports is as handsome on the inside as he is on the outside. He saved a woman from getting hit by a car! He dedicated his Golden Globe win to Eva Mendes' late brother! He's a dog lover (he and lady Eva Mendes rescued a lucky pup from Palm Springs) who binge-buys Girl Scout cookies, and frequently takes his mom to glamorous awards shows.

Ryan Gosling dedicates his Golden Globe to Eva Mendes' late brother

Of course, this kind of complete adulation can only mean one thing: Gosling has hit the peak of mass-market approval and the only direction to go is down, as internet pundits look for a way to cut across the grain with listicles proclaiming they're "So Over Him" in another three months. Jennifer Lawrence knows what we're talking about! (We still love you girl.)

But for now, we can just bask in his presence like lizards laying out under the noon day sun.