As the new fall season of television rolls along, one thing is becoming very clear: ABC still seems determined to reschedule solid, would-be-thriving shows into prime-time Siberia.

OK, make that two things that have become evident. The other being that "Really?" - almost always employed in tandem with its cousin, "Really?" - is TV dialogue's new "Seriously."

"Seriously," of course, enjoyed a long and hallowed run due in large part to the doctors of Grey's Anatomy who trotted it out about as often as Meredith had a long-lost half-/demi-/step-sibling surface. But like any good catchphrase/go-to lingo, "Seriously" seems to have gracefully taken a back seat to the new quip in town.

I'm sure that some reader (William Safire, are you out there?) can better document the origin of "Really?" so I make no attempt to do so here. I will note, however, that Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update team last May created a recurring feature titled "Really!?! with Seth and Amy," in which they take turns barbecuing an easy pop culture/political topic/persona, leading into each slam with one "Really" and then capping the dig with an encore of the word.

Well beyond SNL, I am noticing the pervasiveness of "Really?" as I watch many a show on several a network. Grey's' own Mer, actually, used it just last week when questioning Oldest Resident Ever Norman on something. "Really?" she asked, incredulously, then reiterating his questionable comment/action (which escapes me now). She then, as is the form, tacked on another "Really?" to emphasize her scrutiny.

Dirty Sexy Money's Karen (played the wonderful Natalie Zea) is but one more example of a TV character to really get into "Really?", using it recently to mock something or someone or another.

I'm not "hip," so maybe I am really late to this "Really?" party. In fact, I totally expect one of you to comment, "Really, Matt? You're just now discovering 'Really?'? Really?" So don't let me down. Seriously.