Question: Not really anything to say other than that you have truly entertained me for the past 99 columns.

Answer: Thanks for that. At the risk of getting too sentimental, putting this column together every week has been the highlight of my career. It even ranks higher than meeting Kermit and Miss Piggy at the 2004 Emmys. And as much as I love digging for scoop, my favorite part of the process is reading all of your e-mails. And yes, I read every one. I've come to find that AAdicts, in addition to being smart and funny and cranky and opinionated and strange, are the coolest TV freaks on the planet, and I've been honored to serve as your head freak all these years. Short-story-shorter: you guys rock my world. And now, I leave you with this final thought: I'm gonna guest-star on Scrubs! Can you believe it?! I'll have more details next week!

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