If there remains any doubt that sin is in, today's reality-show singletons lay it to rest by adhering to one simple rule: To enjoy 15 minutes of fame, one must indulge in 15 minutes of shame. As a result, we've been introduced to an incredibly uninhibited stable of mack daddies and hoochie mamas, each of whom is more eager than the last to score points with viewers by, well, scoring with each other. But which of them deserves the coveted title of the Big Sleazy? A quick rundown of their hook-up highlights tells the sordid story.

Kind of incorrigible: man magnet Jennifer Lopez -J-
Singularly skanky: boy toy Ashton Kutcher -A-
Too trashy for words: late hoops playa Wilt Chamberlain -w-

Trishelle: After starting a hot-tub orgy with her Real World: Las Vegas roomies, she gambled her life by having unprotected sex with male counterpart Steven. -W-

David: A day after giving hedonistic housemate Amanda a tour of buddy Nathan's boudoir, the Big Brother 4 lady-killer showed his one-night stand the door. -A-

Dan: The Meet My Folks fox nearly changed the title of the show to Mortify My Folks when a, ahem, fireside chat with not-so-sweet tart Stefanie left him begging for s'more. -j-

Brian: Not content with his odds of winning over Mr. Personality trophy babe Hayley, this dawg doffed his mask (and then some, we presume) for a bathroom tryst with a hula dancer. -W-

Toni: The incredible she-hulk calls fellow Paradise Hotel guests her family, then proceeds to maul them, prompting at least one conquest, Alex, to puke. Can't say we blamed him. -J-

Sarah: Joe Millionaire's sexiest money honey gave Evan the, er, kiss that was heard 'round the world — unzipping, slurping, giggling and all. (Of course, that was us giggling.) -A-

Rob: So dim he made Evan look like Einstein, For Love or Money's bachelor proved three's company by canoodling with Kelly while date No. 2, Paige, skipped to the loo. Scope, anyone ? -A-

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