Keeping track of all the reality shows currently on the air isn't easy. Who's still in the house? How many people are left on the island? What's Ryan Seacrest doing with his hair now? To simplify the process, we compiled this handy dandy reference guide to the most noteworthy unscripted events taking place over the next seven days. Post it on your fridge.

Nashville Star (USA, 10 pm/ET): Belt buckles and microphones clash as country sensation Clint Black makes a guest appearance on this twangy-American Idol-Real World hybrid.

The Anna Nicole Show (E!, 10 pm/ET): After presumably arguing with her lawyer again, Anna follows through on her date from the live premiere episode. Watch as they get pulled over in his 18-wheeler by the California Highway Patrol. Is in-your-face cleavage a traffic violation?

Fear Factor (NBC, 8 pm/ET): It's an encore performance of the famous live-slug chug contest. Mmmm... slugs.

Married by America (Fox, 8 pm/ET): Our great nation has finally voted, and the overwhelming majority want this show to go away.

Real World/Road Rules: Battle of the Sexes (MTV, 10 pm/ET): The cast hangs out in a giant aquarium as fish, crabs, shrimp and asbestos are added for misery.

American Idol (Fox, 8 pm/ET): Seven live performances are squeezed in between Coke commercials and Paula Abdul's endless fawning.

American Idol (Fox, 8:30 pm/ET): Someone gets the boot, to Paula's horror.

The Bachelor (ABC, 9 pm/ET): Andrew nearly divides the circle of hopeful girls in half, from an unwieldy 10 to a cozy six. But first, he treats some of the ladies to a mechanical bull ride, because chicks dig that sort of thing.

Sorority Life II (MTV, 10 pm/ET): Let's just say, the Delta Xi Omega pledge girls are not getting along.

Fraternity Life (MTV, 10:30 pm/ET): Shocker! The pledge brothers are caught... drinking!

Survivor: The Amazon (CBS, 8 pm/ET): Never-before-seen footage highlights this humid recap of the season.

All American Girl (ABC, 9 pm/ET): Each contestant will have her beauty, intelligence, talent and parallel parking ability carefully measured in two back-to-back episodes.

America's Most Talented Kid (NBC, 8 pm/ET): Judges Lance Bass, Vivica A. Fox and Lisa Ling gently crush six more childhood dreams of stardom in the second-to-last episode before the finals.