The Real Housewives of New York City The Real Housewives of New York City

The tension between Real Housewives of New York's Bethenny and Kelly went to a whole new level of belligerence this week. 

During Tuesday's episode, Kelly, who was still clearly offended by Bethenny's comments about her at Jill's charity meeting, decided to call her reality co-star to chat about the situation. But instead of having an adult conversation to settle their differences, the two were virtually spitting venom by the end.

Kelly's Side
Bethenny is a complete stranger, and therefore has no right to be rude to her — especially in front of a group of people. She wanted to address Bethenny's behavior during Jill's charity meeting by inviting her to meet at the bar. She may have showed up late, but her logic is that after Bethenny's "Madonna" comment, she could have waited all night for all she cared. It was Bethenny's comments and complaints about flirting with a past boyfriend and never acknowledging her that prompted her to leave. According to her Bravo blog, Bethenny was waiting for her in the doorway to keep the bickering going.  

Bethenny's Side
Kelly met her several times prior to joining the show and never gave her the time of day because she wasn't famous enough. She sees Kelly as a person who strives to be a part of the fabulousity crowd of New York and loves to collect celebrity friends. She has no desire to be friendly with someone who never gave her a second thought before joining the Housewives. She admitted she would have apologized for her "Madonna" comment had Kelly asked in an adult manner, but instead saw her skittish comments as a pointless attempt to establish that they aren't friends when that was already a given. She claims it was Kelly who was "lurking" by the door as she was leaving. 

Watch the bar blowout below and remember to vote and leave your comments about whose side you're on.