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Real Housewives of Atlanta: 6 Questions with Cynthia and Phaedra After the Premiere

Cynthia Bailey and Phaedra Parks answer questions about what's ahead for them

Malcolm Venable

Everybody's favorite shady Southern belles returned for Season 9 of The Real Housewives of AtlantaSunday, and while nobody got kicked in the stomach or had her wig snatched, it's clear from the premiere that lots of industrial strength glue will be needed to keep lashes and lace fronts in place for the duration.

Kenya Moore and Shereè Whitfield's friendly competition over whose house would be finished first has escalated into a full-on battle, and we'll probably soon see Kenya giving Phaedra Parks the business for bringing Porsha Williams to her housewarming party.

Why'd Phaedra bring one of Kenya's known enemies to her housewarming? TVGuide.com asked that question of the mini-mogul as well as a few of Cynthia Bailey, who's dealing with some dust-settling of her own as she copes with the pain of ending her marriage to Peter. Here, the ladies answer six vital questions after the premiere.

Phaedra Parks

Phaedra Parks, The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Phaedra Parks, The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Alex Martinez/Bravo

Why did you bring Porsha to Kenya's party knowing their volatile history?
Parks: Kenya extended an invitation. I thought she was extending an olive branch. I thought it was a great way to rekindle the friendship.
We saw you talking about wanting to date again, wanting sex and wanting to tear the club up... and talk about your Christianity. Do you get pushback from fellow church folk?
Parks: I don't get pushback from the faith-based community at all. Most of them support me wholeheartedly. I love God, I am a Christian. I adhere to the teachings of Christ. ... I consider myself an international house of prayer. I just fasted for Yom Kippur. I'm close friends with Minister Louis Farrakhan. I respect other walks of faith. I understand the tenants of most religions and what they have in common is that we believe there's a higher power, that if you treat people well, good things will come to you.
We saw you talking with a group of women about politics at the opening of the show -- are you considering running for office?
Parks: I have definitely considered it. I love politics. When I went to law school I thought I'd be a politician. Sometimes I think you're more efficient as a supporter than being an appointed person. I don't want to be inhibited because of special interest constituents. I want to be able to say what I want, when I want and how. I have school-age children so maybe school board? I want to be where I can be the most effective to the most people.

Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia Bailey, The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Cynthia Bailey, The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Alex Martinez/Bravo

When you were FaceTiming with Peter, he seemed like he didn't want to give up on your marriage, and he's seemed to say that before. Was he just putting on a show?
Bailey: He never said he wanted to get divorced. It's just where we are. I'm always going to love Peter. I'm at a place where I can be a better friend than wife. It's not a blame game; it's not about whose fault it was. We both made mistakes. There was no infidelity. I will say I take full accountability for the things I failed at. I wouldn't win the Best Wife in the World award. I still have fun with him. I will never get married again to Peter or anyone but I wouldn't say I wouldn't have dinner and movie. I'm not opposed to going on dates if he's single and I'm single. He's an easy date for me. And I don't mean that in a sexual way. Well, actually maybe in that way too!
We saw a glimpse of your sister and mom, who were vocally not on board with your marriage to Peter in the beginning. Will they be back to say, "I told you so"?
Bailey: You'll see them. They'll definitely give some reminders. I think it wasn't so much about me not marrying Peter; we were going through a lot and they thought it was not right time. Maybe it was not. But I would do it over 100 times. How do you know until you do it? I don't live my life with regrets.
Do you think being on TV had an impact on your marriage?
Bailey: Yeah, I definitely think it impacted it. If Peter and I weren't famous or well-known or whatever, issues that could have been no big deal would've been between us. Us being on social media, on blogs ... it definitely impacted our marriage.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airsSundays at 8/7c on Bravo.