For anyone who's ever wanted to see Billie from Days of Our Lives try to strangle the little girl from Escape to Witch Mountain, Tuesday's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was the thing of dreams.

The tension between Lisa RInna and Kim Richards finally came to a head during a group dinner in Amsterdam when Kim expressed her anger about Lisa's doubts over her sobriety. (In a previous episode, Kim had taken pain medication that wasn't prescribed to her and proceeded to call Lisa disgusting, a slut and repeatedly told her, "f--k you.")

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"You have gone around to everybody and talked about it, asking where I've gone to treatment, do I have a sponsor," Kim exclaimed, literally pointing fingers at Rinna and Eileen Davidson. Rinna, who lost two brother-in-laws to addiction, attempted to explain that her concern came from a place of love, but Kim wouldn't hear it.

"You want to bring up my stuff, let's talk about your home life," Kim said. Though Eileen, Kyle Richards and Yolanda Foster all did their best to stop the fight before it escalated any more, when Kim again threatened to talk about what Lisa "didn't want to get out" about her husband Harry Hamlin, the former soap star went berserk.

Lisa literally went for the jugular, reaching for Kim's throat, before throwing a glass of wine in her face and then smashing the glass while screaming "Don't you ever go after my f--king husband!"