Question: I read on that you are going to be doing a book signing in NYC next month! What kind of swag does the first person in line score?

Answer: Yeah, I wasn't aware they were making that information public so soon. I was kinda hoping I'd be the one to break that bit of news, thus sparing myself the humiliation of getting scooped about my own event. But that's my cross to bear. The fact remains, I'm doing a freakin' book signing!!! On Friday, Sept. 30, I'll be at Barnes & Noble's Greenwich Village branch signing copies of TV Guide: Guide to TV 2006, to which I penned the introduction. I'll have lots more details as the big day draws near, but suffice it to say there will be surprises galore not the least of which will be the unprecedented security presence. And although the New York Travel & Tourism Department insists they're prepared to accommodate whatever extra demand comes their way, I recommend you go ahead and make your air/hotel arrangements ASAP before everything's sold out. I can't wait for you guys to finally meet me! Wait, that didn't come out right. What I meant was, I can't wait for you guys to finally meet me! Oh, I guess I did have it right the first time. Yay, me!