This Wednesday, as the launch of Fox's World Series coverage averaged 16.67 million total viewers, the best Game 1 tally in three years (since Cards/Red Sox):

8 pm/ET
Pushing Daisies placed second with 9.46 mil, down 300K week-to-week and 26 percent from its debut. NBC's Phenomenon conjured up 8.43 mil, topping Kid Nation (8.03 mil, up 130 thou). Top Model (4.72 mil) slipped a quarter mil.

9 pm
It was business as usual for Criminal Minds (14.93 mil) and Private Practice (11.77 mil, No. 1 in demos). Bionic Woman slowed down by another 740 thou, and is now off 43 percent from its premiere. (That said, NBC points out that despite the baseball coverage, Jaime maintained her grip on key demos.) Gossip Girl (2.55 mil) gained 130K.

10 pm
CSI: NY this week won the hour with 13.64 mil, down 210K. Likewise, Dirty Sexy Money (8.56 mil, -270K) and Life (6.85 mil, -800 thou) also took hits.