<I>The Unit</i> The Unit

Sunday's ratings summary:

7 pm/ET
60 Minutes topped the hour with an audience of 13.13 million total viewers, down a mil week-to-week. In third behind Funniest Videos, Saturday Night Live's game-show parodies round-up delivered 3.35 mil. Fox's Hole in the Wall squeezed in 2.6 mil. 

8 pm
The Amazing Race finished first with 10.22 million viewers, sprinting past Extreme Makeover (which at 9.45 mil was down 14 percent). An audience of 6 mil found themselves sold on SNL's best-of commercials special. 

9 pm
Desperate Housewives was the night's most watched program, with 13.5 million viewers. Cold Case placed second in the hour with 12.56 mil (up 16 percent from its last fresh outing). Celebrity Apprentice plunged 14 percent from its premiere, to 7.6 mil. 

10 pm
Brothers & Sisters came out on top with 10.5 million viewers (down 12 percent from its overhyped "movie event"), but the big story was CBS' big Unit. Despite herky-jerky scheduling, the military drama returned from a three-week furlough to target 9.43 mil viewers, a gain of 13 percent.