<I>Terminator</i>'s Summer Glau and <I>Dollhouse</i>'s Eliza Dushku Terminator's Summer Glau and Dollhouse's Eliza Dushku

How Friday's fare fared:

8 pm/ET
Ghost Whisperer was the night's most watched program, matching last week's 11.11 million total viewers. Howie Do It (4.32 mil) edged out Wife Swap to claim the No. 2 spot. After a three-week wane, Terminator showed some life, surging 18 percent to hit 3.53 mil.

9 pm
Flashpoint topped the hour with 9.43 mil, dipping 400K week-to-week. Trailing Supernanny (4.73 mil), Friday Night Lights (4.4 mil) tackled a 15-percent larger audience this week.

Nipping at Coach Taylor's hopelessly romantic heels, Dollhouse's Echo "saw" a healthy 22 percent jump, engaging with an audience of 4.33 mil. (See related news story on Dollhouse's future.) 

10 pm
Numbers nabbed the No. 1 spot with 10.05 million viewers. (How saucy was that Gina Gershon?) It was followed by 20/20 (6.53 mil) and Dateline (5.33 mil).