Eliza Coupe gets fuzzy with Elmo on <I>Scrubs</i>. Eliza Coupe gets fuzzy with Elmo on Scrubs.

Tuesday's tallies:

8 pm/ET
American Idol led the night with 25.2 million total viewers, a 12-percent increase over last week's Obama-cized setback. NCIS placed a strong second with 19 mil, up 500K. The Biggest Loser gained eight percent, weighing in with an audience of 11 mil.

9 pm
A Mentalist repeat won the hour, copping 15.13 million viewers. Placing third (behind Biggest Loser) was Fringe, which matched last week's 12.1 mil. Scrubs surged 13 percent, averaging 5.08 mil across back-to-back episodes. ("What is Elmo, a seal?") 

10 pm
Without a Trace topped the hour with 12.8 million viewers, up 400K. An SVU repeat (7.1 mil) bested ABC's What Would You Do? thingamabob (6.3 mil).