Anne Hathaway and Bill Hader Anne Hathaway and Bill Hader
Two days after the actual vice-presidential debate emerged as the most-watched face-off of its kind ever, a Saturday Night Live outing serving up a spoof of the showdown continued the sketch show's election-year resurgence.

This weekend's outing — hosted by a plucky, purty and willing-to-poke-fun-at-herself Anna Hathaway — came within a tenth of a rating point of SNL's boffo season opener, making it the second-highest-rated SNL since Dec. 14, 2002.

Compared to last year's fourth episode, SNL saw a 42 percent increase. To date, the program is up 49 percent from the first four weeks of last season.

I guess one could say that last year's ratings... that last year's ratings... [Snicker]... Palin comparison!