Barack Obama and John McCain Barack Obama and John McCain

Not much to report on this Tuesday's tallies, seeing as Presidential Debate 2: The Maverick Vs. That One filled much of the night, delivering 63.23 million viewers on broadcast and cable networks. That's larger than the audience for McCain and Obama's Sept. 26 face-off, yet well shy of the 70 mil who showed up for last week's vice-presidential tete-a-tete.

Elsewhere.... NCIS took the 8 o'clock hour, drawing 15.7 million viewers (down 1.5 mil week-to-week) to Dancing with the Stars' 13.45 mil (slipping 11 percent). Placing third, The Biggest Loser (7.49 mil) gained a pound or two.

The CW's 90210 did a typical-ish 3.06 mil, while lead-out Privileged enjoyed a 24 percent increase to 2.33 mil, mind you likely due to debate fatigue.