I have two words for you Panthers fans: Touchdown! (OK, it's a compound word.) Read on for Wednesday's provocative ratings recap:

" As Bones (12.35 million total viewers) understandably slipped 300,000 from last week's all-time high, Friday Night Lights (7.43 mil) hit a series high (save for TSMO30O, of course) to place third in the hour, yet way ahead of the Jericho clip show, in the coveted 18-49 demo. Beauty and the Geek (4.2 mil) ended its third cycle with a 200K drop (albeit a high for a season finale}.

" American Idol (28.54 million) was down almost a mil from last Wednesday, and Criminal Minds (15.4 mil, down 1.8 mil) returned to its pre-Super Bowl numbers. Lost's 9 pm "encore" outing, meanwhile, drew five million - on par with what the According to Jim- In Case of Emergency pairing was averaging.

" In its second week in the 10 pm slot, Lost (12.77 mil) lost almost another two million loyalists, and is now off more than four mil from its 9 pm numbers. (Of course, some will argue that the five million tuning in at 9 should be added to last week's audience, and next Wednesday's 9 pm crowd should be added to this 12.77 mil.... Oy, my headache just got worse.) Despite dropping a mil of its own, CSI: NY (14.64 mil) won the hour (but lost to Lost in 18-49).

" Medium (8.63 mil) was up 350,000 (because someone will ask).