This Thursday's ratings highlights:

- Despite my best effort to sell y'all on Beth Lacke, both Fox's 'Til Death (4.3 million total viewers) and her Happy Hour (3.18 mil) took severe hits, down 1.4 mil and 1.26 mil, respectively, from their last original outings.
- Smallville (4.93 mil), up 180K week-to-week, had its best outing (tied with Oct. 12) since the season premiere.
- Diwali-wowee: The Office (8.87 mil) also had its best numbers since the season's start.
- While Grey's (21 mil) bested CSI (20.53 mil) at 9 pm, The O.C. returned to a series-low audience of 3.38 mil (says MediaWeek), tying it with Supernatural for fourth place. Somewhere, a Brinks truck is backing up to Mischa's bungalow.
- ER nipped Shark this go-round, 13.77 mil to 13.17, while Six Degrees (which I feared everyone forgot was still around) hit a new low of 7.59 mil.

A side note to my Supernatural buddies: enough with asking Kripke for a Sam-Dean hug. We get it, we get it.... Now don't make me turn on you.