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Unless otherwise noted, I'm comparing this Friday's ratings to Oct. 24, since Halloween scared away (snicker) so many viewers: 

8 pm/ET
Ghost Whisperer looked Jim-dandy as it topped its previous season high by 11 percent, delivering 11.05 million total viewers. (Visit the exec producers' celebrity blog for their take on this week's tragic twist.)

5th Grader placed a distant second with 6.4 mil (surging 13 percent), followed by Deal or No Deal (5.53 mil) and Wife Swap (4.6 mil, up nine percent). The CW's Chris (1.72 mil) and The Game (1.68 mil) both dipped a bit.

9 pm
An NCIS repeat dominated with 11.26 million viewers, and in fact was the night's most-watched program. While Supernanny's divorce episode (5.43 mil) saw a gain of 350K, Don't Forget the Lyrics (4.94 mil, down 11 percent) and NBC's Crusoe (4.17 mil, plunging 30 percent) were the ones who really saw people split.

10 pm
Numbers nailed a new season high, tallying an audience of 11.2 million. It was followed by 20/20 (8.19 mil, up 700K) and Lipstick Jungle (which at 3.34 mil was up a hair from its first Friday foray).