Monday's ratings rundown:

" An extra, 8 pm hour of 24 drew an audience of 13.13 million total viewers, placing second behind Deal or No Deal (16 mil), but faring far better than a typical Prison Break.

" CBS' entire comedy lineup took hits: Mother (9.82 mil, down almost a mil week-to-week); The Class (8.97 mil, down 700K), Men (15.62 million, down two mil from last week's season high); and Rules of Engagement (13.5 million, down 1.4 mil from its premiere).

" Heroes (14.68 million) took a 3-1 lead in its weekly 9 o'clock face-off with 24 (13.69 mil), with each series up juuuuust a hair.

" CSI: Miami hit a season high, delivering 19.85 million viewers, a 1.6 mil bump from last week. Studio 60 (6.55 mil, down 720,000) and What About Brian (5.55 mil, down 200K) each slipped.