This Tuesday, as the 90-minute American Idol averaged 30.44 million total viewers (a week-to-week bump of one million, this despite Sanjay's disturbing li'l outfit)....

" NCIS (16.2 million) was up 840,000, while Gilmore Girls stood pat with 4.08 mil.

" At 9, The Unit (12.81 million) surged 1.25 mil to deliver its best numbers since Oct. 10. Veronica Mars (2.74 mil) inched up 400K from last week's season low.

" Not at all surprisingly, Fox's Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? quiz show enjoyed a big ol' ride on Idol's coattails at 9:30, debuting to an audience of 26.57 million. UPDATE: Fox notes that this is its highest-rated series premiere ever, and the most-watched series debut on any network in eight-and-a-half years (since NBC's Jesse, Sept. 1998).

" SVU drew 11.72 million (down 220 thou), besting a Criminal Minds repeat (10.52 mil) and ABC's Bob Woodruff special )10.11 mil).