Dominic Monaghan in Lost by Mario Perez/ABC Dominic Monaghan in Lost by Mario Perez/ABC

Starting off the night with 22.9 million total viewers and building to a crescendo of 34.9 mil, American Idol's finale averaged 29.47 mil over its "two hour" run. And by two hours, I mean, like, 2:10. But why quibble or castigate a network for blatantly irking the increasingly vital DVR-using public? Oh, I digress. Idol's season-ender delivered a 16-percent smaller audience than a year ago, when Taylor clipped Kat.

As for Lost, the ABC serial's jaw-dropping season finale began at 9 with 12.2 mil, and wound up with 15.45 mil going, "Um, wha?!" That's good for an average of 13.65 mil, a drop of 22 percent from Season 2's own climax.

* Meaning, only I typed them up this particular way. (Sorry, "in" joke.)