Julianne Hough by Carol Kaelson/ABC Julianne Hough by Carol Kaelson/ABC

There's a lot to cover for this Monday, so let's rip into the ratings:

" Dancing with the Stars topped the evening, averaging 21.2 million total viewers over its 90-minute run. (That's on par with its previous season-opener.) Lead-out The Bachelor, however, dropped its partner, managing just 9.56 mil (a 500K dip from Officer and a Gentlemen's debut).

" CBS' comedy lineup did as follows: Mother, 8.27 mil, down 2.2 mil from last year's launch; newcomer The Big Bang Theory, 9.58 mil, a marked increase on HIMYM's lead-in; Men, 13.45 mil; and Rules of Engagement, 12.09 mil.

" On NBC, Chuck got his geek on to the tune of 9.3 million. That led into Heroes, which with 14.12 mil nearly matched its series premiere, and certainly improved on last May's season-ender. Journeyman (9.5 mil) then let slip nearly a third of its lead-in.

" Fox's Prison Break (7.27 mil) slipped a bit from its premiere, while 31 percent fewer people decided to return to K-Ville (6.16 mil).

" Monday's No. 2 powerhouse, CSI: Miami, launched its new season with 14.8 mil, a drop of 2.4 mil from a year ago.

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