This is where the ratings get fun, folks. Cutting to the chase for a moment, Grey's Anatomy's new time slot (and those multiple video-playing online ads, I suppose) paid off big time, as the ABC drama bested 9 o'clock-hour stalwart CSI in their premieres' head-to-head clash. The overnight tally: Grey's 25.15 million total viewers, CSI 22 mil. Of note: CSI's most recent season finale drew 25.05 mil, whereas Grey's was watched by 20.9 mil. ABC can also claim bragging rights to the droolworthy 18-49 demo, where Grey's snagged 50 percent more than CBS' crime drama.

Rewinding to 8 pm, Survivor: Cook Islands led the pack with 17.7 million, followed by a Grey's clip show (13.4 mil) and NBC's My Name Is Earl/ The Office combo (each with about 9 mil). Leapfrogging to 10 pm, we had a bit of a horse race as ER, still showing a pulse in its kazillionth season premiere, admitted an audience of 15.5 million, edging out newbies Shark (CBS, debuting with 14.9 mil) and Six Degrees (ABC, with 13.3 mil).

ADDENDUM: Per's Marc Berman, this is the first time a non-season finale of any series has beat CSI since April 1, 2004.