Where to begin? How about at 8 o'clock, where the series debut of ABC's Ugly Betty put up veddy pretty numbers, drawing an audience of 16.1 million to Survivor: Cook Islands' 16.6 mil. The return of Smallville, meanwhile, was watched by 5.05 million, giving the CW (what I think is) its best outing yet.

Round 2 of the CSI- Grey's face-off went to CBS' crime drama, which grabbed an audience of 23. 49 million, versus Grey's 23. 31 mil. ( Grey's, though, took no prisoners in the 18-49 demo.) Over on the CW, Supernatural's season-opener had 3.8 mil viewers, representing a significant drop-off from its "Super" lead-in.

I interrupt here for an aside: How is Grey's Mer a "blonde"? Has Webster's come out with a new, more lenient definition of the word? My wife and I are stumped.

The 10 o'clock slot brought another horse race, with CBS' Shark (14.7 million) barely besting ER (14.27). Poor Six Degrees, meanwhile, with an audience of 10.8 million, slipped more than two mil from its premiere and lost more than three mil this week in its final half-hour.