Eva LaRue and David Caruso, <I>CSI: Miami</i> Eva LaRue and David Caruso, CSI: Miami

As spied in spades last Thursday, the springing of spring seems to be keeping peeps' peepers away from the tube. This Monday, for example, nary a show showed a significant gain. Here's the recap:

8 pm/ET
Dancing with the Stars averaged 19.09 million total viewers, dipping 6 percent week-to-week. House followed with 11.36 mil, down 480K from its last fresh outing.

CBS' Big Bang (9.3 mil) and Mother combined for third, though both dropped 700 thou. Chuck's season finale whipped out its kung fu on 6.11 mil, up juuuuust a hair from last week. Gossip Girl sank 340K, to 2.02 mil.

9 pm
Two and a Half Men dropped 700K, to 14.1 mil; lead-out Rules of Engagement (11.3 mil), though, enjoyed a 7 percent gain. 24 (10.56 mil) added 280K, while Heroes' finale was flat at 6.39 mil. One Tree Hill slipped a smidgen, to 2.24 mil.

10 pm
CSI: Miami was No. 1 with 11.96 mil, down 10 percent. Castle held steady at 8.38 mil, while Medium's audience shrank 9 percent, to 6.72 mil.

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