<I>Rosie Live!</i> Rosie Live!

Herewith is the ratings recap for Wednesday. (In a nutshell: Lotsa people were busy cooking.)

8 pm/ET
Bones topped the hour with 9.76 million total viewers (down nine percent week-to-week). Placing second, Old Christine (7.6 mil) and Gary Unmarried (7.72 mil) each dipped about 500 thousand.

Rosie O'Donnell's variety special — which by several accounts was disappointing/excruciating — drummed up just 5.04 mil, effectively giving Ro's arch rival, Barbara Walters, bragging rights for the night (see: 10 pm). It also goes to prove that little good ever came from trumpeting, "Ladies and gentleman, Gloria Estefan... and Rachael Ray!" Pushing Daisies dropped another eight percent, to hit 4.45 mil.

9 pm
Criminal Minds (14 million viewers) and Private Practice (6.22 mil, and yes, Grant Show will be back) each fell 13 percent.

10 pm
CSI: NY (12.16 mil) edged out Barbara Walters' non-dirty, non-sexy sit-down with the Obamas (11.65 mil). Law & Order was a distant third, with 6.26 mil.

There will be no ratings report for Thursday night. Many apologies to those who woke up this morning anxious to know if Click beat this week's second broadcast of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.