This Monday's ratings recap:

" Dancing with the Stars' last dance partnered up with an audience of 19.75 million total viewers, a week-to-week increase of 680K. The season-ender for lead-out The Bachelor (12.85 mil) drew nearly two million more heads than Rome's arrivederci.

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" The two-hour 24 finale averaged 10.19 mil, a 24 percent decline in viewership from the previous "day's" conclusion.

" Heroes (13.21 mil) went out with a bang, surging 1.8 mil to deliver its best numbers since the March 6 arc-ender. But please tell me we did not just say goodbye to both you-know-who and you-know-who...?!

" Criminal Intent (9.24 mil) was up 1.8 mil from last Monday, but fell a good three mil shy of last season's finale.