Rashida Jones has sold her new pilot, Claws, to TNT. The project was originally developed at HBO as a half-hour comedy, but since the Turner network scooped up the pilot it has been reworked as a one-hour dramedy, according to Variety.

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The show, described as a "midnight-dark, wickedly funny meditation on female badness," follows five Florida manicurists who enter the male dominated world of organized crime. It sounds like an Orange Is the New Black flashback in series form.

The genre is a turn for Jones, who is most famous for her comedic work on The Office, Parks and Recreation and most recently Angie Tribecca on TBS. It's an even bigger departure for TNT and its "We know drama" tagline.

Jones will executive produce the pilot with her producing partner Will McCormack and writer Eliot Laurence.

Do you want Claws to be a series?

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