At the risk of evoking the great Larry King....

" Now that the Oscars have come and gone, can I call for a moratorium on Eddie Murphy write-arounds? (A "write-around" is a feature offering not a single new quote from its very subject, but rather dusty, regurgitated sound bites and interviews with friends and friends-of-friends.) Entertainment Weekly offered a spectacular write-around at Globes time, but every single other one came across as inane filler.

" Similarly, how about a cease-and-desist on running "goofy" Anna Nicole Smith headshots alongside serious updates on her death and baby girl's uncertain future? Good pics exist, so why are certain oulets avoiding them and instead going for giggles?

" Speaking of Anna Nicole, what a sweeps it turned out to be for the network newscasts. Add in Britney's theater of the bizarre and a few Nor'easters and voila! Juicy headlines and promotional come-ons.

" ABC's pre-Oscars red carpet special was, in a word, terrific. Not only were the "pop-up" facts for each interviewee actually interesting and the production values top-notch (e.g. clips from a nominee's film played in the background on a jumbotron as they were Q&A'd), but Chris Connelly & Co. came prepared and armed for bear, asking questions - even fashion-related ones - that actually provoked thought from the stars.

" Why does the poster for Broadway's Legally Blonde make perky Laura Bell Bundy look like a 39-year-old Mary Kay saleswoman?

" Does Barnes & Noble carry any books not by Rachael Ray?