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Here's All the TV Shows and Movies to Supplement Your Rami Malek Addiction

For when Mr. Robot just isn't enough

Sadie Gennis

When Mr. Robotpremiered last summer, it catapulted star Rami Malek to an instant Internet heartthrob. Now, the USA drama is finally returning for its second season (July 13, 10/9c). But if weekly doses of Malek as hacker Elliot Alderson still aren't enough for you, there are plenty of other places you can get your fix.


Gilmore Girls: Malek's first onscreen role came in 2004, when he appeared in an episode of Gilmore Girls. He played Andy, one of Lane's (Keiko Agena) classmates at the Seventh-Day Adventist college, who had a real obsession with Pastor Eric. When Lane dropped out shortly after, it sadly destroyed any chance of Andy returning to Stars Hollow.

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The War at Home: The actor landed his first recurring role on this forgotten Fox sitcom starring Michael Rapaport about a dysfunctional Long Island family. Malek played Kenny, the secretly gay best friend of the eldest son who, based on the clip above, was a bit of a ham.


Night at the Museum: Malek appeared in all three Night at the Museum movies as Ahkmenrah, a pharaoh who befriends Larry (Ben Stiller). Both of the sequels, Battle of the SmithsonianandSecret of the Tomb, explored Ahkmenrah's backstory by incorporating his brother (Hank Azaria) and father (Ben Kingsley).

24: In 24's eighth season, Malek appeared in three episodes as Marcos Al-Zacar, an undercover IRK agent. We don't want to spoil what happens to him, but let's just say there's no way Malek could make any future 24 appearances.

The Pacific: Malek earned rave reviews for his role in the HBO miniseries, in which he played the emotionally disturbed Marine Snafu. The Pacific went on to win eight Emmys that year, including for casting, which we're going to pretend is solely for casting Malek.

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Larry Crowne: Malek's next role was appearing alongside The Pacific executive producer Tom Hanks as one of Larry's (Hanks) students at community college. But as much as you might love Malek, we don't think it's worth it to suffer through this film.


Battleship: The actor landed the coveted role of "Watch Officer" in Battleship,alongside Liam Neeson, Taylor Kitsch and Rihanna. It's a minuscule role, but it's fun to see Malek in a straight action flick.

The Master: In Paul Thomas Anderson's 2012 film, Malek played Clark, the son-in-law of Lancaster Dodd (Philip Seymour Hoffman) and a devoted follower of Dodd's cult. While Malek didn't have a huge role, his tense interactions with Joaquin Phoenix's Freddie definitely leave a memorable impression.


The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2: Malek appeared in the final Twilight movie as Benjamin, an Egyptian vampire who has the ability to control the four elements. Little did he know he'd soon be controlling our hearts.

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Short Term 12: Shortly before Malek got his breakout role in Mr. Robot and Brie Larson got hers in Room, the pair starred together in this 2013 indie movie. Malek played Nate, a soft-spoken staff member at a group home for troubled teens.


Oldboy: When Spike Lee remade the Korean classic, Malek landed the part of Browning. Unfortunately, his role ended up getting cut down to a death scene, but at least he went out dressed to the nines!

Need for Speed: No one saw this Aaron Paul movie, but if you're in serious need for a dose of Malek, you should check it out simply for this scene where Malek gets naked.

What's your favorite Malek role?