Rainn Wilson and Angela Kinsey, <EM>The Office</EM> Rainn Wilson and Angela Kinsey, The Office

In a side-by-side TV Guide interview, Rainn Wilson and Angela Kinsey — who play odd couple Dwight and Angela on NBC's The Office (Thursdays at 8:30 pm/ET) — open up about their hush-hush workplace romance.

TV Guide: So how did this bobbleheaded romance first ignite between Dwight and Angela?
Rainn Wilson:
They both have an obsession for structure and discipline, and I imagine that there was some incident at the copy machine that first brought their eyes together — like someone putting legal-size paper in the letter-size drawer.

TV Guide: How long can they keep their boss, Michael (Steve Carell), out of their business?
Angela Kinsey:
There are going to be some real pressure moments coming up, especially for Angela. She thinks Michael's an idiot, but Dwight respects the guy, which means Michael's the biggest challenge to the relationship. I like to think of him as the other woman.

TV Guide: How do you picture them spending a romantic night out in Scranton?
I have a feeling they'd go to Dwight's place, since Angela's apartment is probably full of cats. Then Dwight would get her hot by making her watch Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica.
Wilson: I imagine Angela watching Dwight from the shadows as he plays paintball.

TV Guide: What sort of sex life do you think they have?
Way hot! I bet Angela wears a cheerleader's outfit under her austere raincoat. Because of her over-the-top sense of morality, they probably do not have actual sex, but I'm guessing they do everything but. I bet those two are just noshing on each other all the time.
Kinsey: I imagine they have a bit of a kinky thing going on since they both enjoy being yelled at. Angela loves that her man is a baron with a clipboard.

TV Guide: How on earth can you play these characters without cracking up all the time?
I collapse into laughter at least once a day, and I'm talking about the ugly laugh where you're laughing so hard you start snorting. Usually it's when we're doing the conference-room scenes, and we're all wedged into the room together. After 12 hours of shooting in a tiny space, you just lose it completely.
Wilson: There was this scene where Dwight was injured and lost his marbles. He came in and patted Angela on the butt. The whole thing just cracked us up because in every take, Dwight would pat her butt in some new way, and it all just seemed so…weird.

TV Guide: Where's this relationship headed? Will they ever come out of the cubicle with this affair?
I'd love to see them keep it a secret as long as possible. The longer it goes, the more delicious it gets, and the more stupid it makes Michael look.
Wilson: I'd like them to have a shot at a breakup. Perhaps there'd be some misunderstanding over a stapler or something. They'd both play the field for a while, only to discover they were made for each other. In the end, they'd come running back to each other in slow motion, with that Peaches & Herb song "Reunited" playing in the background.

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