Fringe Fringe

So Peter and Olivia met when they were kids. Bet that has some of you scratching your heads, huh?

Last Friday, Fox's sci-fi uber-coolness Fringe kicked back to 1985 — land of Walter's sideburns and cortexiphan treatments — to show us how young Olivia (called Olive by Dr. Bishop) star-crossed paths with new-to-this-'verse Peter just as she was tapping into her abilities to travel between worlds. Turns out both kids were in tough spots: He was all pissed that his "parents" were trying to sell him on the lie that he hadn't been snatched from another dimension, and she was desperate to avoid the abuse of her stepfather. Before you can say, "young love," the two youngin's are connecting on that kind of level that causes snow to start magically falling and, in Olivia's case, accidentally crossing over to the red universe and cluing Walternate into the possible location of his missing son.

It was awesome! And not just because a certain Watercooler writer also had that Battlestar Galactica boardgame young Petey was eyeing up in the toy store. The scene where Olive spilled the beans to the man she thought was her protector was a chilling mind-bender that only got cooler up multiple viewings. And once you'd figure out that she had indeed just met Walternate, the realization of what that meant (this was the germ of the idea that has inspired the man to devote his life to ending our universe) solved a huge piece of this puzzle.

However, there were a few questions that came out of the hour we'd like to pose to you...

-       Was that betamax video of Olive mentally torching her classroom the same one we saw last season? Thought there was a bed in the background of the first one.

-       If Walter's old lab assistant Carla died in a fire, who thinks it was one started by Olive?

-       How come Peter didn't remember meeting Olivia? We know she blocked out the cortexiphan stuff from last season's "Jacksonville" episode.

-       Do we think maybe Olivia has an untapped ability to turn things she imagines into a reality? That snow sort of just happened, you know?

-       How come Walter never mentioned that these two met 26 years ago? 

-       How much do we love Orla Brady as Elizabeth Bishop?

Ok, Fringies, have at it. Who knows, maybe some of your theories will make it into our next chat with the producers.

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