Question: Yo, Ausiello, how good of a show is Scrubs? Besides it being the, you know, best comedy on television and all. Here's my question: I heard Sarah Chalke has a movie coming out. What have you heard? &#151 Eugene

Ausiello: I assume you're referring to Cake. Haven't heard much, except that it's about a travel writer (played Chalke's ex-Scrubs costar, Heather Graham) whose outlook on love changes after she takes over her dad's wedding magazine. And, in addition to Chalke and Graham, it also stars such tube MVPs as David Sutcliffe, Cheryl Hines and Taye Diggs. Speaking of Chalke, she's coming to New York next month to join the cast of the godawful Off-Broadway play Modern Orthodox. Note to Sarah: Fire your agents.